The resonant mind
is one that connects,
empathy shared,
the spirit of imagine what.
It does not believe
that this is not the end;
but knows nothing else.
It resonates
at the frequency of
the collective consciousness,
it reaches out to higher,
faster places
where the air is thin
but the thoughts are dense,
like swimming through mountains.
It sees into darkness,
wades through molasses
and sees what could be.
The resonant mind
travels through dreams
and flies through thought,
it is friend of the dragon
and foe of none,
it is kin to the stars
and chooses to sleep
in the time where moments exist,
dreaming a life
and peering through veils
of this thing called reality.
All that there is
is not yet enough
for the resonant mind
knows there is more,
but cracks through the sky
are just out of reach.
Closer to the other,
this soulthing rides the world,
a journey, a lesson,
a whim.