Illiaen and Alotanath
Rialy and Arancath
Ferrath and Arehath
Tayla and Asath
Mikaila and Asperanteth
S'rran and Ayeth
E'leran and Brekath
B'rae and Brunoth
Halarra and Carmith
Jin Mei and Covoe
Kinneret and Daraciath
E'lan and Duelth
Ritwen and Elirath
Keenan and Fafnir
Ferrath and Arehath
Emerald and Feryre
Lukin and Fhion Nic
G'rald and Goth
T'tas and Hailsmenth P'tryn and Heleth Locken and Hissth Zyala and Ireath Iuyiss Kajastaa Kentoriapiecth Kreely Orla and Lily Prysmpond Yriana and Linronokith
I'nar and Loth Kiel'thalin and Lucenth R'vel and Mantequith G'lan and Merrilith Cr'den and Mirioth Raleb and Moonth Hydee and Mossyth Musoke As'caro and Mylynth Al'rio and Nabaleth
Thriona and Nabihath Enrique and Naelyan Eci and Narath Nastrada Erriba and Neoladonalith Tirion and Nishthayt J'danar and Nolandarth Neliandra and Nova K'bryn and Nshetanth Kysarna and Nycatrith
Q'leyne and Oryudioth Caitlin and Paraveth Talashai and Raisimak Toku and Raithe Perla and Razeth Megan and Rendaar Vaerra and Rhayyth Rhianwen and Rhuah'kyil Riana and Rimmath Leinalaith and Roddarth
Bectie and Rutoth Rynkal and Ryvas'fiks E'rrol and Serreth J'than and Shinoth Liztara and Shynandoath Lysa and Sonyath M'lamor and Spalteth Ainyah and Sulivith Lexianna and Takath J'taran and Taloth
Tianna and Tirzath Kynan and Tomar Toxten H'uli and Trauneth Sokha and Treath H'uli and Treyeth Tevaberiel and Trick Deanna and Trinnith Tiaryna and Tvalth Ariala and Tweness
Deanna and Twyllith Katazyna and Tzyrainth Imogene and Vasherayath R'nec and Venoth Trinorill and Viapera Peragro F'lamir and Weerth Qianel and Yainolith N'lan and Yamoth Yjuhanth T'lysen and Zalvorith
Finlay and Zarlith Ziranyraol Ciardha Janan kaska Meridian