Tayla and Asath

(Classic-style persona)

Hydee shows you to the next room and you see a young woman, about 17 years of age. She has reddish blond hair, cropped to her ears, and big brown eyes. She is probably the tallest of the girls so far, reaching over 6' tall. She turns to you, a friendly look on her face, but doesn't really smile. On her shoulder a pretty green firelizard is perched happily, cocking her head curiously towards you.

"Hello," she says soberly. "I'm Tayla, rider of green Asath. Oh, and this is my firelizard Caela," she adds with a glance towards her shoulder. "I got her at Dragon Soul Weyr."

You introduce yourself to her and she thanks you, then turns suddenly towards a corner where a large bundle you hadn't noticed before stirs.

"Excuse me," she says smiling proudly, "My Asath needs me."

You look where she walks and see a perfect young dragon, an emerald green colour. She raises her head and gives a little questioning sound, looking straight at you. Tayla grins at her and says something you don't quite catch. Then the dragon rises and strides towards you, staring openly.

"Asath wants to know if you're a friend," Tayla interprets.

You nod, dumbfounded. "I am. Hello, Asath."

The dragon cocks her head winsomely. Beautiful! "How old is she?" you ask.

Tayla, absently stroking the dragon's head, says "Technically she's full grown, but she's got some filling out to do yet! You should come back to see her again," she suggests with a smile.

You nod, promising you will, then retreat with Hydee to the next cavern.


Name: Tayla
Species: Human
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Parents: Yalana & Taron
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Birth: Dragon Soul Weyr
Craft: None
Name: Asath
Colour: Green
Species: Pernese
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Dam & Sire: Raineth & Teloneth
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Hatching: PTMystic's Weyr