Halarra and Carmith

(Classic-style persona)

A young woman greets you at the entrance of the next cavern, holding a finger to her mouth. You look at her quizzically until she points behind her where an infant sleeps peacefully in a crib.

"It's my daughter," she whispers, her voice bursting with motherly pride. "She's only one moon old and disturbs easily."

"What's her name?" you ask with a smile.

"Polyra. Carmith is so good with her," she reflects with an inward smile.


She nods. "My dragon. I Impressed a while ago and was worried that Polly would have something to say about it, but they love each other," she says ruefully. "Sometimes I think she would have rather paired with my daughter than me!" she says with a grin.

A sound not unlike "Hey!" came from the other side of the cavern and you squint your eyes to see a huge green dragon hovering protectively over the crib.

You apologise, you must visit more today, and promise to come back to visit her and Polyra - and Carmith of course.


Name: Halarra
Species: Human
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Parents: Lahra & R'hin
Mate: P'tryn
Offspring: Polyra
Place of Birth: Soul's End Weyr
Craft: None
Name: Carmith
Colour: Green
Species: Pernese
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Dam & Sire: Unknown
Mate: Heleth
Offspring: None
Place of Hatching: Sea Scape Weyr