Ciardha Janan
'Dark Soul'

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Name: Ciardha Janan
Anna & James Janan
Sydney, Australia, Earth

Physical Description:
Ciardha stands at about 5'8", with a soft, slim build. She has long, graceful fingers that (when she was back on Earth) could type at about 70wpm. Her hair is naturally dark brown, but now displays the evidence of multiple dye jobs (black and red and purple), fading and growing out in a world where hair dye isn't commonly available. She prefers dark-coloured clothing, or black, and wears silver jewellery.

Emotional Description:
When she was younger, Ciardha had remarkably low self-esteem thanks to schoolyard bullying and an above average intelligence. She tended to overthink everything, getting her into trouble with herself constantly. When she was 18, she met her first boyfriend, who started the process of turning her into a real person, with confidence and beauty and a killer sense of humour. She still has a ways to go, but now she finds it easy to make and keep friends, and is often the life of the party.

Life History:
Ciardha grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she lived an average life in a middle class family. Her father wasn't around much (due to spending most of his time with his 'other' family) but her mother coped wonderfully, raising Ciardha and her younger sister expertly. She enjoyed the part of school that involved the learning, but not the bullying. She had few friends until quite late in high school, when she managed to draw a small group of fellow outcasts around her. After leaving school, she met her first boyfriend, with whom she stayed for about a year. He taught her how to love herself, and though it ended badly, she took that lesson through her life.

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