Emerald and Feryre

(Classic-style persona)

Hydee shows you to the next room and you see a young woman, about 19 years if age. She has long brown hair, brown eyes and light olive skin. She is rather petite, only about 5'1" tall and very thin - but still healthy looking. She turns to you and smiles a beautiful smile.

"Hi!" she says, coming over towards you and Hydee. "I'm Emerald, but my friends call my Emmie, and this is my home!" She spins with a flourish, encompassing the whole cavern - it is rather large too! Off to one side is a small room where she must sleep and at the far end is a small pool full of fresh spring water.

"It's beautiful," you say, smiling.

"Would you like to meet Feryre?" she asks with a proud sort of smile. You nod, and she calls to the said Feryre, adding to you, "She's a dragon - but she's not your usual sort of breed. She's Hathian."

Hathian? You wonder silently. Your question is answered a moment later when a beautiful green dragon appears from a cavern to your left, her streamlined form graceful and elegant, crowned with a golden ridge.

"Isn't she stunning?" Emerald asks, staring wondrously at the green. "They're a very special breed from a place called Tris'Hath," she explains, reaching up to the proffered head and absently scratching Feryre. "I also got two familiars from Tris'Hath," she adds, and as if called, two beautiful little creatures with iridescent fairy-like wings appear and flutter delicately around their friend.

"I've named them Fire and Ice," she says with a grin. "For obvious reasons."


Name: Emerald
Species: Human
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Parents: Kristal & Eliah
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Birth: The Dragon Soul
Craft: None
Name: Feryre
Colour: Green
Species: Hathian
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Dam & Sire: Unknown
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Hatching: Tris'Hath