Lukin and Fhion Nic

(Classic-style persona)

You enter the next cavern with Hydee a step behind, when a huge dragon of a beautiful gun-metal silver approaches and lowers his head. Inside your head you hear the words;

Welcome visitor, I am Fhion Nic.

You jump, looking dubiously at the huge creature.

A deep chuckle from your left makes you turn and you see a young man with rather scraggly dark blonde hair and a big grin striding towards you.

"Greetings," he says, extending a hand. "I am Lukin and this is my dragon, Fhion Nic."

You take his hand and shake it a little nervously. This has got to be one of the largest dragons you've seen yet... but he didn't seem threatening at all. Seemed to be almost smiling at you.

You thank Lukin and the dragon for their hospitality, then apologise and tell them you must move on.


Name: Lukin
Species: Human
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Parents: Liala & Kuran
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Birth: Soul's End Weyr
Craft: None
Name: Fhion Nic
Colour: Silver
Species: Rinisian Earth Dragon
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Dam & Sire: Unknown
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Hatching: Melody Dawn Adoptions