Galan and Merrilith

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The small blue dragon, pale like the winter sky, lay curled asleep next to G'lan's bed, unaware he was being scrutinised.

Ten fingers, ten toes, perfectly finished with as-yet soft white claws, long tail, gracefully folded wings, nostrils flaring softly with each sleeping breath. He was Merrilith. And he was G'lan's.

The world had disappeared the moment the boy had given up his former name and his former life and become one with Merrilith. It had truly been the happiest moment in his life, and it seemed only to be getting better.

G'lan smiled, saying his new name in his head over and over. Then he tried something new. "Greetings," he said quietly. "I am G'lan, rider of blue Merrilith. Well met."

He liked the sound of that.