Galan and Merrilith

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The class was dismissed with a final warning not to leave the Weyr before the morning, and the weyrlings tumbled from the lecture hall gratefully. The most of them enjoyed classes, but there was only so much one could take the day before a Restday.

And next sevenday! Next sevenday they would be flying!

You'd think you'd never flown before, Merrilith commented, amused by his rider's reaction to the news. It's not like we're flying to the Red Star or something.

G'lan shuddered unexpectedly at the thought. "Thank Faranth we're not!" he said vehemently. "But I don't know why you're so unexcited about it all. We're going to fly, Mer! You and me!"

The blue chuckled. Yes... You're only just realising? You did know that was going to happen eventually, didn't you?

The weyrling shoved his blue, laughing. "Spoil sport!" But he could tell the dragon was excited, whether he said so or not. "I hope we'll be good at it."

Of course we will, Merrilith snorted. Why wouldn't we be?

"It may take us a few tries before we get it right, you know, Mer. Not even bronzes get it right the first time."

Another snort. Bronzes! I am better than a bronze! I am smaller and more agile, less bulk to carry around with my beautiful wings, I tell you! We will be the best!

G'lan laughed and gave Mer a scratch. "Of course we will. I have no doubt about it."