Galan and Merrilith

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G'lan awoke with the arms of a strange woman entwined around his waist and her scent floating around his face. A woman... the flight!

Merrilith had participated in a mating flight the evening before, but had failed to catch the green prize. His rider, incensed with dragonlust, had found a prize of his own and claimed a night of passions at her weyr. It was common practice for single riders and Weyrfolk to loiter around the edges of a mating flight to net the losers for their own desires. As long as both parties were happy with the arrangement, everything worked well.

The bluerider turned just enough to look at the woman with whom he had shared the night and sighed an internal sigh of relief. The last time this had happened, he had ended up with someone he knew, and that had just been messy. He supposed he hadn't realised it at the time.

This time, however, she really was a complete stranger. Medium brown hair accompanied rich olive skin and smoothly-muscled arms held on to him still. In her sleeping form, she was rather attractive. He addressed Merrilith, who had woken with his rider. Do we know her name?

Her green is called Lantreth, the blue replied.

That's helpful, thanks, Mer. I'll just say "Hey, Lantreth's rider, what's for breakfast?"

Merrilith chuckled. Works for me. He paused, then said simply, Katara.

Katara, rider of green Lantreth. I like it.

I'm happy for you.

G'lan chose to ignore that. Slowly, he turned himself fully around to face her, and shook her gently. "Katara," he said softly, close to her ear. "Katara, wake up, honey."

The woman stirred, and lashes slowly opened to reveal incredibly dark eyes. She stretched slightly, taking a deep bretah. "That's big of you."


"Calling me honey," she explained, smiling in amusement. "Last night you were calling me much more interesting things."

G'lan had the decency to blush slightly.

"So," Katara went on, still smiling, "What's for breakfast?"