(Classic-style persona)

Iuyiss' young body cut through the undulating sea smoothly, carving side to side and heaving up and down. She spun, she twisted, she twirled, leaving behind her a rainbow of tiny bubbles and easily-excited eddies in the blue-green sea of her home. She was hatched from Rip Tide Cove but when she did not choose a bonder, was offered a home at Mara Cove on the island of Soul's Crest. The dragons were friendly, the dragoners kind and the seas warm and inviting. The native sea-dragons of Mara were almost completely sea-ridden, being clumsy and slow on-land, which suited young Iuyiss perfectly.

The waters caressed the blue calf as she approached the Cove, but a sight ahead stopped her mid-stroke.

Blue and aqua-bright, shimmering, multi-faceted liquid crystals swimming through the shallows as if they had lives of their own to claim and display with vigour and beauty. Flirting with salted eddies and wisps of spongey seaweed the sport of the ocean did not go unnoticed.

The small, vivid blue sea-dragon rested on a pillow of water on an outcrop of rock near the Cove. Her own limber body swaying with the soothing heartbeat of the sea, she watched, eyes glowing in wonder. She had chosen not to bond at her hatching, but had not completely given the idea away for the future. Young Iuyiss, however, wanted to find out more about herself before she pledged her life to another.

It had been three moons since her hatching, time she had spent at sea - as far out as she dared - or in training with the other calfs at the Cove when she pleased. She was expected to attend classes whenever possible but found hat half of them were things like history and how-to-build-a-cove type lessons, which she found completely useless. She supposed that one day, if she chose to bond that was, she might find a need for such things, but young sea-dragons rarely have such foresight.

Besides, Iuyiss rather enjoyed being a solitary creature. She loved the way the ocean flowed around her sleek, compact body - if there was someone beside her, that flow would be disrupted. She loved the sound of the water crashing against the rocks near the Cove at night with nothing so much as the sound of her own breathing to disturb it - she was not quite ready to share that breath with another.

Perhaps she was merely being selfish. But then again, what else did she know to do? She supposed that if there had been one who had piqued her interest when she'd hatched she may have bonded. But there wasn't, and she didn't. Simple as that.

Sighing happily at the life she had been given, Iuyiss watched as a strand of dark green angel's hair twisted idly by, completely wrapped up in its own existence. She wondered idly if it ever got lonely.


Name: -
Species: -
Age: -
Sex: -
Parents: -
Mate: -
Offspring: -
Place of Birth: -
Craft: -
Name: Iuyiss (EE-yiss)
Colour: Blue
Species: Alskyrian Sea Dragon
Age: Fledgling
Sex: Female
Dam & Sire: Unknown
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Hatching: Rip Tide Cove