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Name: Katazyna
Karonie, Beniah
Xalandra, Briony, Auryn, Triennia, Amery, Zippora, Zyke
Dragon Sands Hold
Journeywoman, Greenrider
Searched For: Ryslen Weyr

Physical Description:
Katazyna stands at about five and a half feet, with a slight build and long limbs. She has flaming red hair in tight curls that stands off her head at odd angles and bright turquoise-hued eyes. Her skin is pale and freckled, in fact she has freckles covering every inch of her face and arms. Her nose is small, and sticks up slightly at the tip, creating a cute button effect. Kat enjoys wearing greens and browns and avoids wearing shoes at all costs. Never a dress or skirt, always pants or shorts. She also wears a silver ring on her right middle finger, with a small emerald on it and a twine and bead anklet she was given by a good friend.

Emotional Description:
Zyna is bubbly, kind and mischievous. She is small for her age and her figure is petite and delicate, but she is a real tom-boy. She is constantly getting either into mischief or into a mud fight with her friends, and most swear there is a real glint of playful evil in her eyes.

Life History:
Kat, Zyna, Zany, whatever you wish to call her on any given day, was born to Harper parents Beniah and Karonie, being fifth of eight children (her parents started young). The large family grew up together in a big house by the Hold Major. The family acquired a female canine - Gypsi, a German Shepherd - when Zyna was three. Xalandra and Briony moved out of home to live in a small cot together a few turns ago and Auryn became A'ryn and now lives with his lifemate at Dragon Soul Weyr, but the rest of the family still live in the big home.

Katazyna and her elder sister Triennia are the only two offspring of the family to follow in the craft of their parents, but plans and expectations had to be put off, if not cancelled altogether, when Kat was Searched unexpectedly for a clutch at the distant Ryslen Weyr. She Impressed the beautiful night green Tzyrainth at her first attempt.

Name: Tzyrainth
Night Green
Species: Pernese
Dam & Sire:
Arosambyth & Zkoth
Hatched At:
Ryslen Weyr

Name: Storm, Raevyn, Imp
Adults, Adolescent
Male, Female, Male
Blue, Green, Brown
From: Dragon Sands Hold, Ryslen Weyr

Storm is a dark grey-blue. He is quiet and solemn, but when in the mood can be noisy and very playful. He was named Storm because he was hatched in one two turns ago, and because of his ‘stormy’ colouring. Raevyn is much more playful than Storm, and will do almost anything for attention and affection. Imp is Kat’s latest gain. She found his nest, almost totally destroyed, on a deserted beach. Imp is very dark - almost black - small and sweet. He is not full grown yet, and has promise to be a very nice flitter. He has a lovely personality, very helpful.