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Name: K'bryn (Keebryn)
Bryany & Kellarin
Rainell, Barinai
Dragon Sands Hold
Journeyman, Brownrider

Physical Description:
Keebryn has short black hair that would curl around his face in ringlets if left longer between cuts. He also sports a neatly-trimmed black beard and dark eyes the colour of the sea in a storm. He isn't particularly tall, standing at a good inch under six feet, with an average to slender build. The overall effect is one of a neat, comfortable and usually confident young man.

Emotional Description:
Bryn is your general light-hearted and friendly fellow. He readily accepts almost anyone who wishes to be a friend into his life, and gives as much as he receives in any partnership. He has a strong sense of morality, being Holdbred, and manages to carry off almost anything with a simple flair.

Life History:
Keebryn's childhood was one of typical happiness and angst-free dreams until about the age of nine. He has two younger brothers, seven and nine turns younger than him, and since his mother Bryany died in the birth of the younger, he has been a major factor in their raising. Their father Kellarin, with whom Rainell and Barinai still live, still mourns his wife deeply and bounces between bouts of severe depression and the painless oblivion of drunkenness.

Despite this, Keebryn managed to get on with his life and make something of himself. As a youth he dreamed of Impressing a dragon, but after he'd been Searched once and failed, he decided to let this dream go and devote his life to the Harper Hall.

His most practiced and celebrated instrument is his voice, a deep and beautiful baritone that can sing anything from soft, lingering love ballads to the harsh words of battle, but not far behind is his solidly-crafted but sparsely-decorated gitar. The first instrument he made as a journeyman, it is one of his most treasured items.

When he walked the tables two turns ago, Bryn was given the gift of a firelizard egg which hatched blue and was named Gabriel.

Keebryn's most recent accomplishment is something he had almost nothing to do with. A Searchrider from Talor Cliff Weyr approached the Hold with determination and - after some delay on Keebryn's part - left with the Harper in tow. His second Searching. He very nearly refused the request from the rider to accompany him, but it was thoughts of his mother and father that finally convinced him to 'let Faranth have her way.' It was one of the old man's favourite sayings, and in this case it was true. Bryn had been Searched and so he would stand. And only Faranth knew what would come of it.

As it turned out, Faranth had something special in mind for Keebryn. At his first hatching, he became K'bryn when he met his lifemate - brown Nshetanth - hatched from Talor Cliff Weyr.

Name: Nshetanth
Species: Pernese
Dam & Sire:
Aenoth & ?
Hatched At:
Talor Cliff Weyr

A large brown for his age, considering he was hatched from a white's clutch, Nshetanth simply oozes personality. He has a remarkable talent for the sarcastic, but although his sense of humour is rare in a dragon, it rarely translates to anyone except his rider. He thinks more like a bronze than a brown, but understands the concept behind ranks within the Weyr. He will, however, have no concern with giving blues and greens orders.

Name: Gabriel
From: Dragon Sands Hold

Gabriel is a small, light blue flit with a keen eye for details - especially shiny little details that he can steal. He's usually not too bad when it comes to mischief, but has certainly pulled of a few feats in his time.