(Classic-style persona)

Kentoriapiecth, she had found, was quite a mouthful for most people to say. Generally, this didn't bother her, seeing as she lived alone. The only creatures within roaring distance of her mountain cave were generally considered food and needn't bother with addressing her personally. Today, however, she was visiting a Pernese Weyr within a day's flight from her home; Dragon Soul Weyr. So today, she would call herself Kent.

The Dragon Soul (the region, not the Weyr) was huge, and contained Pernese Weyrs and Holds, Alskyrian Caers, Aeries and Coves, and many other places that originated off-world. The 'Soul was a crossroads of sorts. An in-between. The dragon, Kent, was born on Danach, one of the many worlds linked to the 'Soul by the contrary doorcracks. After making her way to the 'Soul after her training on Danach, Kent had found herself trapped there, unable to find the exit. But, she admitted, it was not so bad. The air was clean, the food plentiful, and the people not too smelly, if you caught them on a good day.

Kent glanced around her home, ensuring there was no way for thieves or trespassers to gain access to her few posessions, and grumbled satisfactorily. She was looking forward to the flight, and seeing the few humans she had become friends with. Perhaps she would even meet with the big bronze she had seen displaying for her last time. A bit of fun never did a dragon harm.


Name: -
Species: -
Age: -
Sex: -
Parents: -
Mate: -
Offspring: -
Place of Birth: -
Craft: -
Name: Kentoriapiecth
Colour: Blue-Orange Rainbow Purple
Species: Danachian
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Dam & Sire: Unknown
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Hatching: Cathair Fionabhainn