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Name: Kynan
Khajara & Laran
Imogene, Lisarka
Caer Tierra

Physical Description:
K'nan much resembles his father, being tall, but a bit scraggly as he has not had turns of riding. He has dark brown hair and olive skin, and the most startling of his features are his crystal blue eyes.

Emotional Description:
K'nan is quite the opposite of his sister Imogene. He is quieter but not antisocial, and loves helping Laran with Zynth. He looks up to his father with great pride.

Life History:
Kynan was born with a ready-made irritating older sister, Imogene. Despite this, the family was a close-knit one and he grew up in a warm environment. 

Until he was six or seven years old, he was a normal, curious, active kid, but then something happened. He was wandering with some older friends through the lower caverns and they decided to play hide-and-seek. Of course he agreed and ran off to find a hiding spot. He hid under a heavy box and waited until he heard a thud on top of the wooden box. Figuring it was his friends telling him to come out, he tried to push upwards, but the box wouldn't move. He was stuck. His young imagination worked overtime; a dead body, an angry dragon, a cruel man wishing him punishment. What had he done? He was trapped there the whole night, until in the morning the thing was lifted up and was able to crawl out. He looked around and saw no body, dragon or cruel man. It was another crate, packed there for the night. Even though it was innocent enough, Kynan was obviously distressed by this, and didn't talk for a long while after. Eventually, he came round but hasn't been the same boy since. He is quiet and shy, and under no circumstances will he play hide-and-seek!

Although he grew up in a Caer, he has always felt a fascination with the Coves of Alskyr. He was recently searched for a clutch at Agendor Cove, and to his amazement and jubilation, bonded with brindle (who would soon turn black) Tomar.

Name: Tomar
Species: Alskyrian Sea Dragon
Dam & Sire:
Caswir & Celwyddaur
Hatched At:
Agendor Cove

Tomar is a loyal, serious and affectionate sea dragon. He idolises Kynan as Kynan idolises him, and will do anything within the scope of his generous nature to make those he loves happy. Physically, he is very fit and well-shaped, with slim, sleek lines and a speedy gait. He was hatched as one of a set of twins - two brindles from the same egg - and so hates to be alone. His twin, Thotar, bonded another sea dragon, but comes by every now and then to see how his brother is doing. Tomar has matured to be a black sea dragon.