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Name: Liztara
Telaza & Tippin
Anata, Tireta, Ziara
Dragon Soul Weyr
Weyrbrat, Jr. Weyrling

Physical Description:
Liztara has waist-length dead-straight hair of a nondescript mousy colour. Fringes hang loosely around her face and sparkling emerald eyes are dulled only by the spectacles she cannot go without. She stands at just above 5'8" and sports a slim frame with little extra fat.

Emotional Description:
Liztara has a somewhat interesting emotional disposition. Her friends know her by two separate nick-names. Lizzie is a sweet, generous, humorous and easy-to-get-along-with young woman. She's mature and fair-minded and is most often the dominant personality. Tara, on the other hand, appears infrequently when she is angry, displeased with someone or simply in a bad mood. She is impossible to reason with and most are advised to simple let Lizzie return to the surface before attempting to approach her. Liztara, the combination of these two distinct personalities, is - if slightly unstable - by no means insane or disrupted or anything of the sort. She simply has strict, and very visible boundaries between her moods.

Life History:
Born the eldest of four daughters to Weyrharper Telaza and JM Healer Tirrin, Liztara had a happy but extremely busy childhood. She was always surrounded by her sisters - who were born in close succession and so fought constantly - and one or another member of her parents' chosen crafts. The fact that her mother was the Weyrharper (she has since died and passed the rank on to the next), made matters worse, and Liztara learned to cope with many varied situations and people. She never took on a craft simply because she couldn't stand the thought of so much bustle surrounding her all her life. She's a fan of the quiet life. Nevertheless, she's a quirky sort of girl and her choice in friends - yes, she does have friends - reflects this. She's has latent talent in both healing and harpering and has done stints in both crafts, as well as brief intervals of helping out the Headwoman, Weyrlingmaster and Weyrleader. She's well known in the Weyr for her peculiarities as well as her open, free-to-help manner. Her most recent exploration into new horizons came abruptly one morning as a Searchrider from Talor Cliff Weyr chose her to stand for the eggs hardening on its Sands. And suddenly Liztara found herself with a purpose. A real purpose, not flitting from one thing to another. For the first time in a very long time, she is completely happy. To Talor Cliff Weyr she moved, and there she Impressed green Shynandoath.

Name: Shynandoath
Species: Pernese
Dam & Sire:
Rhysharth & ?
Hatched At:
Talor Cliff Weyr

A small green with a hide the colour of the sea at storm, Shyn is officially the dragon with the longest name at Dragon Soul Weyr! She is a dainty little thing with queenly manners and poise, and acts as is suitable to one of her colour and rank. Often shy and incredibly sweet, she is loved by all who meet her.