[Locken and Hissth] [Sokha and Treath] [Raleb and Moonth]

Locken's violet-blue Hissth was huge for a blue (30 feet long!) and he had an attitude on him. From his very hatching he had been a character. In fact, Locken recalled that he had almost made it outside before turning and Impressing at all!

Making his way around the broken shells and the rocking eggs, was a large bodied violet-blue dragon from Buszketh’s group. He had sharply curved solid-tined wings of lace-violet. He almost made it to the exit tunnel, before Locken tugged on his tail. The dragon turned and sharply hissed at him, but dared not bite or scratch.

“Hissth, don’t you dare try going out there! It’s cold and dark and even I don’t know where we really are...”

[Thanks to Masterhealer Baeris]

That was most certainly an interesting day, the boy recalled with a fond smile. He had grown since Impressing Hissth, and though he still thoroughly enjoyed the occasional prank, the violet-blue's influence had calmed him somewhat. So long as Hissth was in a good mood himself, that was. If he were human, it would have been blamed on hormones.

What are hormones? Hissth asked from where he lay in their weyr.

Locken looked up, still not used to his thoughts being so easily accessed. "Nasty things that people are influenced by sometimes. They're generally only trouble when you're a teenager, though," he replied absently, still lost in his thoughts.

Do you have hormones? Hissth pressed.

Locken smiled and gave the dragon his full attention. "Yes, I suppose I do."

The dragon paused, then nodded slightly. That explains a lot.

"I think I'll ignore that, Hiss," Locken chuckled.

Hissth grinned slyly.