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Name: N'lan (Nyalan)
Juala & N'ryt
Nyala (twin)
Dragon Soul Weyr
Sr. Apprentice, Bronzerider

Physical Description:
Nyalan has hair the colour of dark honey that is almost always in need of a cut. He usually sports a sort of scruffy two day growth across neatly-chiselled jawbones that anyone older than him will tell him to shave off, and those younger attempt to imitate. He stands at a lofty 6'3" and although he hasn't the build of a dragonrider, he doesn't let himself stray too far from healthy.

Emotional Description:
Nyalan is a keep-to-yourself sort of fellow. He's not particularly fond of crowds, but ironically manages to get himself noticed when in such situations by the mere fact that he doesn't blend too well. He's quiet-spoken, sincere and a hair's width from reserved. The combination of these make him a responsible and serious young man.

Life History:
Nyalan is half of a set of twins - his sister, Nyala, lives with their foster parents - and has been very close to his opposite self since birth. As toddlers, Nyalan and Nyala (he's objected to the similar naming for a long time) had their own language that only they could follow - you'll find that many twins at a young age do such things - and as they grew, their closeness only became more pronounced. Nyala was the dominant twin, and to this day when someone asks Nyalan how old he is, he will reply 'We are twenty'. Their birth was a result of their greenrider mother's mating flight, and thus they were fostered from birth.

Nyalan was apprenticed directly to the Weyrharper at age thirteen, while - after an emotional time for them both - Nyala chose to join the ranks of the healers. It was the first conscious thing they'd done separately, but they realised that they each had their own dreams. Nyalan was an average but certainly passable student, and at eighteen turns walked the tables to senior apprentice.

On their twentieth birthday, the twins each received a firelizard egg. Nyalan's hatched bronze, and he named the mischievous creature Kero for the family's deceased canine.

The second event - larger and more important than merely choosing a craft - that would separate the twins was the Searching of Nyalan. A Searchrider from Dawn Sisters Weyr arrived at Dragon Soul one day and proclaimed that Nyalan was suitable to stand - but his sister was not. Nyala had begged and cried and curled up in his arms for days on end, but finally insisted that he go. A dragon was more important than a sister, she'd said. She'd always be there for him. And so with tears in his eyes and his sister's love in his heart, Nyalan left the Weyr. But failure, it seemed awaited him. He did not Impress at the clutch he was Searched for, nor the next.

And Nyala, left seemingly alone, had different luck. She was Searched sometime after Nyalan had failed to Impress, and been successful in Impressing her own green. But just when it seemed his own somewhat clouded dreams would never be realised, Nyalan was Searched for Dawn Sisters Weyr's first clutch after the tragic death of it's original Weyrwoman. And not only did he Impress, but he Impressed bronze. Now, it seemed, young N'lan - with new best friend Yamoth - could never be happier.

Name: Yamoth
Colour: Bronze
Species: Pernese
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Dam & Sire: Unknown
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Hatched At: Dawn Sisters Weyr

Name: Kero
From: Dawn Sisters Weyr

Kero is a remarkably intelligent creature - well, for a firelizard anyway - and serves as a decent messenger (when he's not distracted by one green or another) and comic relief for N'lan. He's carefree and mischievous and prides himself in joining as many mating flights as he possibly can.