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Name: Q'leyne (Quleyne)
Unnamed drudges
Birthplace: Dragon Sands Hold
Trader, Performer

Physical Description:
Q'leyne, known as Ley by his friends and enemies alike, is a slightly-built youth with dark blonde hair and mischievous storm-coloured eyes. His face is beginning to get a more chiselled structure as he develops from childhood into the gangling teenager, and is due for a growth spurt. His voice has only recently broken and so he still occasionally crackles and trembles.

Emotional Description:
Ley is a kid at heart, and his life of a wandering minstrel cum go-fur cum craftsman has merely emphasised his care-free nature and natural charms. He is a skilled tale-spinner and often uses this talent to get out of the many quandaries he may find himself in at any one time. He lives for today and what's today without laughter and fun?

Life History:
Quleyne was orphaned at a young age and given to a wandering caravan who picked him up at Dragon Sands Hold. The leader of the caravan, a distinguished and successful gentleman known only as the 'Player', or 'Boss', dictates where the troupe travels and in their time, the dozen or so members of the group have crossed the entire continent several times. They make a point of attending as many large Gathers as possible, and pride themselves of both their skills as performers and their adaptability. Among them, they cover the healing craft, harper, farmcraft, herding, cooking, weaving and touches of those others needed for survival on the long road.

Quleyne began practising his harpering skills - singing, dancing, as well as tricks such as juggling and aerobatics - at a young age, and when he grew older, developed an interest in a combination between farmcraft and herding. He was fond of the runners they used for riding and pulling the caravan and wanted to learn how to take care of them, and at the same time had a great interest in their surroundings and how one could live off the land.

It was in this mind that he came to Two River Hold when the troupe arrived a few sevendays before the scheduled Gather. A berry festival, it was said. And so, Ley found himself a temporary position picking berries at the nearby orchard and learning as much as he could in the short time the caravan would be there, storing away more than the sweet berries he managed to steal.

When the Gather finally came around, he was payed a token amount by the thankful - if a little dubious - farmer and rejoined his troupe to begin the thorough practising of their performances that coming day. But although the show went without a hitch, there was a surprise in store for the young man with the twinkling eyes.

Dragonriders from Weyrs surrounding the small Hold were present, much to his delight, and to his utter astonishment, began to take an interest in him. Before he knew it, Quleyne had been Searched and was on his way to Talor Cliff Weyr.

Life took on a completely different perspective as he left the troupe and his adopted parents behind and looked his future in the face. He, the orphan with no definite craft and too much mischief in his stride, was going to be a dragonrider.

At his first attempt, the trader's boy became Q'leyne, and a bronzerider. Oryudioth is more than a dream come true; he is a soulmate and a friend. And after six turns, Q'leyne has never been happier.

Name: Oryudioth
Species: Pernese
Dam & Sire:
Vasharath & Unipoeth
Hatched At:
Talor Cliff Weyr

Oryudioth, otherwise known as Oryo, is a light-hearted dragon with a quizzical nature and a keen eye. His hide is a smooth honeyed colour and his build solid.

Name: Taana
From: Unknown

A big, emerald-hued green, Taana is a sweet and affectionate creature. She always (when she remembers) does what she is told on the proviso that she'll get a good scratching for it later.