[Locken and Hissth] [Sokha and Treath] [Raleb and Moonth]

Raleb's starry Blue Moonth was a small 16 foot long dragon who could disappear in the moon light! He was one of those dragons who everyone loved, and he knew it. He was a real sweetie, and loved company - especially the kind of company that gave him attention. Raleb recalled with a smile the little blue's hatching...

As a sort of challenge, one of Tsuyoith’s offspring came from his small shell, a vivid blue with starry-speckled wings.

Unsure now that there were no other dragons exposed without their bonds, the dark blue started pacing around. He was startled by Raleb. “It’s all right, Moonth, I’m here. You’re not alone.” Silently, they left the area, and went to gloat with their friends later on.

[Thanks to Masterhealer Baeris]

It seemed he hadn't changed a bit. He was even smaller than Sokha's Treath, and the two got along well (though she'd never admit it).

Hey, Ral? Moonth asked softly as they sat together in their weyr.

Raleb looked up. "Hm?"

Let's have a party.

One eyebrow was sharply raised. "A party? What for?"

Moonth shrugged. Does there have to be a reason?

"I suppose not," Raleb replied with a growing smile. "Who shall we invite?"


The young rider laughed. He, Locken and Sokha had 'graduated' as their dragons had grown up, but because of their especially young age, they had remained with the Weyrlings as sort of mentors and assistant trainers. It was a good life - they made many friends, most of which were their age. A party seemed like a wonderful idea. "Alright. We'll have a party, Moon."

Moonth looked remarkably proud of himself. No doubt simply because a party meant lots and lots of attention for him!