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Name: Rynkal
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Parents: Kalira & Rynan
Siblings: Kalyr, Kalnan, Rila, Nyna
Birthplace: Gwynedd, Penna
Craft: Mage
Rank: Warlock, Dragonrider, Dracosensi

Physical Description:
Rynkal stands at 5'10, with a medium build. His hair is dark, his eyes forest green and his skin lightly tanned. His somewhat hooked nose and high cheekbones make him look somewhat feline. He has a small tattoo on left ankle, and wears anything dark, mainly purple and black, sometimes gold.

Emotional Description:
Rynkal is very patient and doesn't get annoyed easily. He loves to help out others and tries his best to teach dracolings how to fight well. Rynkal hates to see a draco hurt and will often stay with it until it's better. He doesn't like cruel or snobby people but usually won't say anything about them.

Life History:
Rynkal was born the second son of Rynan and Kalira. His older brother Kalyr died when he was 4. When Rynkal was 8, his mother had twins and died shortly after. Rynkal took care of his two baby sisters and his younger brother while his father worked. Rynkal decide to try magic for a living and received his sapphire dragon Kano was he was 13. When he was 15 he was asked to become a candidate. Opal Kymber chose him. At 17, he and Kymber were injured in a fall. They survived but Kymber was grounded for 3 months. During that time, they took to watching and sometimes helping the new draconriders. The Dracosensi asked him to become his assistant when Rynkal was 21. They've been that way ever since. Recently, Rynkal found himself in a situation where he and Kymber were presented with an interesting situation, and came away with a third to their pair. The lovely Ryvas'Fiks.

Name: Kymber
Colour: Opal
Species: Penna
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Dam & Sire: Unknown
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Kymber is like most opals but his hide has a more bluish tint to it than others. Kymber's wings are broad and his eyes are a deep purple. Like his rider, Kymber is very patient but somewhat demanding. He is strict, sticking to the rules like glue. He often tries his best to protect the new draconriders during their first fall but Rynkal usually stops him. Kymber has a good reaction time and will often try to destroy Cryslid faster than a closer draco. He is quick at turns but doesn't really like to do long flights.

Name: Ryvas'fiks
Colour: Bejewelled Opal Blue
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Dam: Fire in Her Throat
Sire: Ksathra
Abilities: Whyte Fyre(5), Aquakinesis/AquaPsi(6), Cryokinesis/CryoPsi(8)

Cold and distant, he is an icy king among his kind. Indifferent to the plight of others and bored with their mental inferiority, he decided to make a move up in life... and chose Kymber and Rynkal as his stepping stones. Perhaps by travelling with them will his insatiable curiosity finally be sated...