J'than and Shinoth

(Classic-style persona)

Hydee shows you to the next room but before you enter you hear a heavenly sound drift from the doorway. A harp, played so skilfully the player must have perfected his or her skills over many turns. The music is almost hypnotising and you close your eyes to listen. After a moment you feel a tug on your sleeve and look up to see Hydee smiling knowingly, gently pulling you into the room.

"Enchanting, isn't it?" she comments as she leads you inside.

"Yes, it is," you whisper as you see the huge harp in the centre of the room. A young man who looks about 18 sits beside it, his eyes closed, his fingers gracefully skipping over the strings, hardly touching them enough for the smooth vibration to tremble up and down. He opens his eyes at the movement at the door and glances towards you without missing a beat.

"Hello," he says quietly with a smile. "I am J'than." He is softly spoken and you can tell he must have a lovely singing voice.

You introduce yourself and he nods in thanks then returns to his music, confirming your thought as a soft vocal harmony rises into the air. His head tilts back slightly and his deep brown hair falls to his shoulders in a wave, revealing sharply pointed ears marking him an elf, his chestnut eyes closing once more.

"He is very talented," you comment to Hydee.

She nods and smiles. "He is loved throughout the caves for his music. Not only the harp, though. He plays many other instruments too."

"He looks so young," you comment with a little confusion. "But he plays like one with turns of experience."

Hydee grins knowingly. "He's not as young as he looks, you know. He's an elf - and elves tend to live longer than humans. J'than, who was once Jiathan, is well into his fifth decade."

Fifty! The young man you see before you is over fifty years old! You find it hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.

"J'than has just recently Impressed!" Hydee adds, her eyes alight. She turns to the elf. "Where is he?"

His eyes become unfocused for a moment - communicating with his dragon, you assume - and then a moment later a large and rather superior-looking blue dragon pokes his head around the corner and peruses the visitor with majestic curiosity.

"This," J'than says proudly, "Is Shinoth. Beautiful isn't he?" He turns to look at his dragon then rolls his eyes. "Uh, I guess he's having a superior day. He likes to think he's a bronze," the elf explains.

You grin and play along, commenting rather loudly on the beauty and majesty of the stunning dragon. The blue responds by ruffling his half-visible wings slightly and looking just a little vain.

With a chuckle, you leave the blue-who-thinks-he's-a-bronze and his rider to their own devices.


Name: J'than (Jiathan)
Species: Elven
Age: 56
Sex: Male
Parents: Jina & Tharon
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Birth: Soul's End Weyr
Craft: None
Name: Shinoth
Colour: Blue
Species: Pernese
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Dam & Sire: Reamith & Suscoth
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Place of Hatching: Aneris Weyr