[Locken and Hissth] [Sokha and Treath] [Raleb and Moonth]

Sokha's crimson-pink Treath was around 17 feet long, which really wasn't all that big. Her brother's Hissth was more than double Treath's size, and occasionally Sokha worried if her beloved dragon's growth might be stumped. But then again, she had been a very small hatchling...

One of the smallest eggs on the sands, Julanith’s last egg, broke open to show the world a crimson skinned pink-winged and rather ornery hatchling. She snapped at any one who got in her way, and made her way quickly over to the remaining candidates.

Sokha, I am Treath. That silly green Trick was supposed to wait for me, we have been planning this event for so long from our eggs, but she went and bonded before me.

“Well that was hardly fair, Treath... Let’s see if she’ll apologize, okay?”

[Thanks to Masterhealer Baeris]

Trick never had apologized, Sokha recalled with a smile. They rarely saw the tiny green since her and her tiny rider Tevaberiel had returned to the forests of wherever he came from. He sent word of his health once, but Sokha doubted they'd hear much more from him or from his dragon.

"So what exactly did you have planned at the hatching anyway?" Sokha asked her dragon suddenly.

Following her rider's thoughts, Treath replied with a shrug, Oh, nothing too spectacular. We were just going to make... a bit of an entrance. That's all.

Sokha looked decidedly suspicious, but the dark pink dragon refused to say more. "Do you miss her? Or any of your other clutchmates?"

Treath raised one eyeridge. You are kidding, aren't you?

"I am?"

I have Hissth and Moonth to keep me company, and that is plenty, thank you very much!

Sokha laughed. "I know exactly how you feel!"