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Name: T'tas (Taltas)
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Parents: Atanasa & Kalon
Siblings: Kalthor, Talona
Birthplace: Twin Lakes Hold
Craft: Thief
Rank: Whiterider

Physical Description:
T'tas is a small, scruffy sort of fellow - just what you'd expect from a homeless thief, really. He has dark hair in need of a trim and dark eyes set in a swarthy-skinned heart-shaped face. He stands at about 5'7" and is nowhere near his full height just yet. From his turns on the streets he has learned to be nimble and quiet, to the point that he would do quite well as a hunter or tracker.

Emotional Description:
T'tas loves what he does, and apart from a few minor inconveniences like getting caught every now and then (it really isn't all that often, and he always get away anyway), it's a good life. He always has enough to eat and if he doesn't it's only because he slept in and missed the morning markets that sevenday. He has few friends, and those who he does have generally avoid him for fear of their purse going missing. He has his moments of self-pity, but more and more these days are they few and far between. Despite his career, he has high morals and is the kind of person who will stick up for a smaller boy in a fight, or help an elderly lady with a heavy box, and he only ever steals from those who can afford it. If he can, he'll leave something in return.

Life History:
Taltas' family has somewhat of a shady past, in that no one knows (or will admit to knowing) the exact truth of their beginnings. One widely-told story is that they used to be the leading family in the minor Twin Lakes Hold, another (and somewhat more believed) was that they were indeed once a great family - but one in the ranks of the villains and thieves of Pern, not the Lords and Leaders. Taltas, of the most recent generation, tends to live by the latter. And, in his mind, if they were once a great and infamous guild, then he must work to make it so once again.

Taltas was born second after his brother Kalthor, three turns his elder, and before a younger sister name Talona. Both of his parents are thieves, though his mother rarely gets out much any more, as were his grandparents, and his grandparents' parents. Members of the family were originally known by the suffix 'Of the Guild', which, over time, has been shortened to O'Gild. The Gild is a strong pack, and occasionally master a group-thievery of the highest standard. It had even been known for minor Lords to compliment a particular member on their efforts before throwing them in confinement. It should be made known that no member of the Gild has ever remained in confinement for more than a single night due to either their own cleverness or that of a close family member.

He was trained along with Kalthor for pick-pocketing by their father, while Talona was taken into apprenticeship by their mother's sister for the art of drama. It was considered unnecessary for the boys to undergo such training, though Taltas was always attentive to his little sister when she was in lessons, just in case he picked up something useful. Dramatics was a very useful skill to have. A small girl-child, for example, who has fallen and twisted her ankle by the side of a road, found in tears by a rich passer-by can get right inside a house for 'treatment', or at the very least, will be lifted and held, offering a vast array of satchels and pockets for eager eyes and small hands.

Taltas' training produced an art form just as subtle. The act of putting your hand into another person's bag or pocket wasn't nearly as easy as it seemed, and towards the beginning of his career, Taltas was caught many, many times. But soon enough he began to learn what worked and what didn't, and how to act when something didn't go right. Acting dumb often helped, as very few people will expend the energy to put a small, stupid boy who obviously wasn't any good at what he did anyway, to justice. And so Taltas' experience grew, and his skill became expertise.

As children who have to mostly fend for themselves tend to do, Taltas had grown up fast. The streets had shown him more things than he ever would have learned as a precious boy to a Master Crafter or Lord and Lady. Pern was a very open and honest sort of place, generally speaking, but people tended to speak more freely and look straight through the skinny, wide-eyed child sitting on the next corner. Within the Gild, the age of thirteen was an auspicious age. It signified entry into adulthood - finally getting past the 'cute-poor-kid-begging' phase and the beginning of training for more interesting and complex thievery and subtler deceit.

And it was about this time when things started to go wrong for Taltas. His brother Kalthor's thirteenth birthingday had been a great event with celebration and guests and gifts. But then, he had always been the favourite son. Since early childhood, Taltas could only remember being second to his elder brother. Kalthor got first pick at dinner, all the best toys, the most appreciative and encouraging comments, and Taltas got whatever was left - after Talona had her pick, of course. But he loved his parents, even his brother could be kind when he wasn't busy being best (Taltas was better at thieving, anyway), and he worked hard to please them. The events surrounding his thirteenth forced him to finally let go of childish hope and love, and made him see the reality of the situation.

But the second son and middle child of the family received a less than momentous celebration that important turn. The pitiful turnout and lack of effort made in his honour forced him past his self-imposed red line. The next day, Taltas moved away from his home and his family.

Now, a turn later, Taltas has learned to live on his own, and for a boy his age, he does it well. Now, all he needed was a little interest and action in his life. And that so-called action came one Market Day, in the normal course of things, as Taltas was making his morning snatch. Somehow, amazingly, he ended up Searched for Cincanta Weyr. And even more amazing - he Impressed! White Hailsmenth was his name, and he was perfectly suited to his rider's personality. The world had suddenly grown a whole lot bigger


Name: Hailsmenth
Colour: White
Species: Pernese
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Dam & Sire: Kiodrath & ?
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Hatched At: Cincanta Weyr

Description: A small, scruffy-looking white, Hailsmenth is an absolute charmer. He will do almost anything for a scratch or a bit of attention, including - but not limited to - backflips, heroism and thievery! He is a real individual, and would prefer to stay that way.